Mirror, Mirror

Why do we hate fat people?

Are we jealous that they just don’t give a cluck and eat whatever they want?

Are we jealous of their freedom because we are enslaved by starved, shallow pictures of how society says we should look?

Why don’t we want to see fat people naked? Why is that nasty to us? Is it self-hatred?

Do I not want to see your fat rolls because I can’t seem to look and see the beauty in my own nakedness?

Or do I really believe you are the scum of the earth and I wish you would exercise some type of self-control?

Do I wish you cared more about your health?

Is my hatred fueled by genuine concern?

Am I afraid I might be you someday, therefore if you’d show some sort of self-love it would communicate to me I too could love myself?

Are we mirrors of one another?



Consistency is something I yearn for; routine is what I crave… Some sense of normalcy would be great…

Like a fine wine, I get better and wiser with time…

The more I live and experience life, the more I realize life is not about consistency at all… It’s about one’s ability to adapt to change…resiliency….being able to bounce back, accepting the bad with the good and making the best of it….

Life is not about the periods at the end of sentences…it’s all about the commas, colons, and semi-colons; a continuation of the preceding, and even when you think you’ve reach the end of your road; it’s at that moment you realize, you’ve only crossed a bend; and you will walk again…perhaps even run into the destiny predetermined for you to live…

Truthfully speaking, that’s what life is: realizing your destiny, the purpose for which you’ve been created…a purpose so great, you can only experience it through living life….it’s too much for you to handle right now…even when you have an “ah-ha” moment and everything makes sense, you’ve only tasted the tip of the iceberg…

So many more blessings in store…awaiting to be claimed…the challenge is in letting go of fear and releasing so that you can receive….

Praise God for commas, because they give me more to live for….

I will remember to appreciate the commas in my life: failed relationships, dysfunctional family, dead end jobs, financial instability, detrimental diagnoses, ignorance, fake friends, insecurity, low self esteem, uncertainty, disappointment,,,,,,,,will have no power over me, for they in and of themselves don’t define me, for my character is strengthened by successfully standing steadfast, prepared for the next comma, so bring it on