Feeling Forsaken?


I know you think that God has forsaken you. Why else would he allow such terrible things to happen? While you’ve made some mistakes, overall you’re a good person, right? So, why does it seem like your prayers are falling on deaf ears?…God doesn’t always answer prayers in one big, ginormous, earth-shattering blessing. Therefore, gratefulness in the little things that occur daily, partnered with positive thoughts & affirmations, seasoned with forgiveness of yourself and those who have dishonored you, rooted in the extending of love to all who cross your path, will exponentially bless you in a way you haven’t fathomed in your prayers.

Focus on what is going right in your life, instead of on what’s going wrong. You may not have the job you want, but you have a job. You may not have the relationship you want, but you have genuine, loyal friendships. You may not live in the house you want, but you have a roof over your head. You may not fit into that smaller size in your closet, but you have the ability to move your limbs. You may not have the baby you want, but you have a faithful husband who thinks the world of you. You may not have that wife you want, but you have a career that’s allowing you to lay a foundation for your future family so that you can live a life of quality that is debt free. You may not have that husband you want, but you have the wisdom to know you need to use this time to work on your emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental self so that you will be free of baggage when the right man presents himself. Focus on what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Remember: there are those who would give their lives to have yours. They are praying desperately for the things and people you take for granted.

Be encouraged to greatness! God will never leave or forsake you.



Happy 2014!!!

“May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows!”

Blessings for a prosperous New Year filled with love & laughter!