Looking at your problems through your purpose provides the opportunity to put your problems into perspective.

They suddenly seem to fit perfectly into the puzzle of your life. They become less powerful because you know without them, you will be unable to fulfill your full potential.

You begin to accept them as stepping-stones over which you must climb to reach the pinnacle of your life.

Gotta find your purpose though.

Otherwise, problems are nothing but the same shit, different day.


love just because

with head bowed, admiring the sand beneath my feet, holding tightly onto every word enunciated, on the brink, playing it cool

as we walk steadfast in beauty created specifically for us

as the sound of your voice, enhanced by children playing and laughing, as the wind sings a sweet song reflected in the swaying of branches

branches swaying, navigating through it all, without a map

or a destination

us, the branches connected by the root, stained with the purest, most powerful blood

we marvel in wonderment about his grace and all he has done for us

holding back tears of thankfulness, unable to speak

speaking through tears, unable to comprehend

looking in eyes hiding from the past, the present, the future

comforted by his words and overwhelmed by your presence

he was tortured and died, without evidence of guilt

we fail to believe in him and his word, even with documented acts of faithfulness, we fail to receive, but greedily accept the easy and the quick

it feels good, so it must be good

unsubstantiated, empty, psuedo happiness.

we deny being saved from a world that consistently lets us down, a world that causes us to bury our children and defend cowardice and ignorance

but he sent you to remind me that he did all of that, without us ever asking or deserving

he loved before we were ever a thought

he forgave before we knew we needed it

he sacrificed before i knew my name, let alone his


he did it,

just because.