Wow….I haven’t blogged since August!!! This is mainly because I have dived head first into motherhood and quite frankly the blog took a back seat to my precious baby girl (understandably so). I have learned countless lessons throughout the last few months and I am excited to share them as appropriate.

One of the biggest lessons is to keep things simple. This is hard for me because I am Ms. Fabulous~LOL! When I initially started this blog, I had so many ideas and I could see the end game of where the blog would grow, and as a result; blogging became a burden. I couldn’t keep up with the demands of motherhood, person-hood  and the blogosphere. Therefore, I decided to take a step back and enjoy the journey, starting with me revamping the blog by taking away some of the pages I initially created. I am certain they will come back in time, but right now I need to focus on enhancing my writing, staying present in the moment, and allow growth to naturally unfold.

I am a big dreamer and an avid analyzer. This results in me creating a plan and an outcome in my mind. I also am able to see the different possibilities and I create a plan for the possibilities of outcomes that haven’t even happen. As you can imagine, my thought processes can become very complex, as I like to be prepared for each and every curve that may occur. One of my mottoes is “my back up plan has a back up plan.” One definite about motherhood is as soon as you have a plan in place, your baby changes, and you must adapt accordingly. Hence, a successful mother is one who is flexible, but most importantly; she has to be present or else she’ll awake one day and will wonder what happened and when did her baby become an adult.

That being said, while I know the blog will be successful and I know how it fits into my overall plan, I am stepping back and focusing on writing: plain and simple.

Not an easy feat for someone like me, but a necessary learning experience for someone like me.

I look forward to staying the course in keeping the blog current and I thank you in advance for following and engaging!






Another blogger in the universe!

Why did I create this blog?

There are probably as many answers to that question as hours in the day, however the most simple is because I love writing. Expressing myself through words has proven to be very therapeutic for me, as I am often unable to accurately express myself verbally. I could blame my short attention span for my lack of verbal prowess (and some may even debate the aforementioned as a fact given my witty personality ;~), but the most honest answer is I simply have more thoughts floating through my mind than I have opportunities to express them in my day-to-day interactions.

I am also embarking on what I am certain will be the biggest accomplishment of my life in becoming a mother for the first time this July. That in and of itself renders the need to have an outlet, an avenue through which I can be Shanika, without labels or titles…..the ability to continue to be me and not lose sight of why I was chosen to fulfill this most important ministry of motherhood in the first place.

Finally, LOVE having debates! I love exchanging ideas and various points of view on different subject matter. My goal is not to change minds or to force another to believe as I do, but to take the opportunity to see something through another’s eyes. It is through these eye-altering experiences that we are able to solidify beliefs while honoring another’s right to believe differently. That being said; one never knows what she or he can learn or become enlightened on until they meet a differing opinion. As such, I welcome all comments and look forward to hearing your voice!

So yes, another blogger has entered the universe, because……..I CAN :~)! I hope you enjoy your time here, but most importantly I hope you follow and become an active participant of my blog (click the link at the top of the screen) and tell your friends to do the same! Many thanks!