Q & A

What is the purpose of this blog?

For me to vent and to express how I feel about any given topic that happens to cross my mind. To give my opinion on articles I’ve read, conversations I’ve had, experiences that I’ve encountered. Anything. Nothing. Everything. I don’t like being confined or boxed in, so there’s no telling what I will write about. I also hope to elicit discussions that will foster new insight and ultimately allow all to learn from one another. 

What do the different categories mean?

Each one of these are areas of interest to me, so my blog pieces should fall into one of the categories. If not, then spontaneity it is! 

Genesis: Religion & Spirituality

Infinitely Me: Personal Growth & Healthy Living

Limelight: Celebrities, Music, Movies, & Television

Love’s Definitions: Interpersonal Relationships

The Hill: Politics

The Horizon: Education & Professional Development

Old School: Past Writings

Spontaneity: Everything else!

How often will you be posting?

Depends. My best guess it that I will post as randomly as things interest me, but most importantly, as time permits. My goal is to post a few times a week. God first. Family second. Business third~>the blog comes somewhere after those 3 :~). 

Did you really write these?

Yes….Why would I post someone else’s work as my own? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. If another’s work is used, proper credit will be given.

What does Infinitely Shanika mean?

I’m me, without boundaries or limitations. A way I hope to consistently live my life. People can take me or leave me, but God’s love for me is INFINITE, and He loves me just the way I am. 


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