Love & Stupidity

In Atlanta‘s installment of the reality television showLove and Hip Hop,” there is a couple (Stevie J. and Mimi) who have supposedly been together for 15 years, despite the fact that Stevie has had other public relationships within this time frame. That aside, within the first couple episodes of this television show it was apparent to anyone with eyes that Stevie is the opposite of faithful, as he and his “mistress” on the show (Joseline) aren’t attempting to hide their horizontal mambo shenanigans.

I’m not surprised Mimi is choosing to remain with Stevie because many woman have taken back their men despite evidence of cheating. I actually believe in most cases the women know the truth regarding the guy they are dealing with but choose to rationalize and make excuses for hanging on to the hope he will one day “wake up and realize what a great woman I am.”


What I have a question about is, given that Mimi is not in the dark about Stevie, is she stupid for remaining with him? In one of the episodes they discuss formulating a contract from which she would earn a percentage of his work and the work of his artist, ironically the mistress. Does the promise of a payday trump the promise of exclusivity?


Perhaps Mimi has dealt with so much over the years that she has reached a point where she feels she needs to get something out of this situation and if that something isn’t total loyalty and devotion from the father of her child/the man she says she is in love with; perhaps a check will suffice? Is she the smart one in this situation? I’m certain we all know women who have dealt with and put up with similar situations, only to leave the situation (by their choice or not) with nothing more than lessons learned (hopefully). Some women leave these situations with more debt, bitterness, and unfulfilled promises than before. Other women leave relationships with more cars, condos, and cash than before. My question is: who is more stupid?



I don’t understand why so many people complain about how Black women are portrayed on reality television when the same people who complain are the ones patronizing the shows!!!! These shows are a business and in business, everything is about the bottom line, therefore, if it’s not making the company money; it will go away. The more you tune in, the more ratings they will have, which will lead to more money. It’s simple mathematics. Supply and demand. No matter how you slice it.

So the real question becomes, “why do you watch it?” Those who know me know I haven’t had cable in over 2 years because when I returned to school I decided to rid myself of it because television became nothing more than a distraction. The deal I made with myself is that I would not sign up for cable again until after I graduated. Well, now that I’ve graduated I still can’t logically convince myself to pay for cable. Anything I really want to watch, I can watch online for free. Hell, all I really have to do is look at myย Facebookย timeline and I know exactly what happened. There isn’t much substance on television today and I don’t think many would argue with me about that.

You call it guilty pleasure. A way to release from your everyday life and unwind with something that is completely ridiculous and will allow you not to use any brain cells. I get that, as I’m guilty of the same. What I DON’T get are the people who complain about it week after week after week. It’s like complaining about how much a broken bone hurt and yet not going to the doctor to do anything about it.

If you’re going to watch it, watch it, but don’t then get on a soapbox platform and discuss the ills it creates for the image of Black women, especially if you’re a Black woman contributing to the increasing of its bottom line.