Infinitely Motivation: How to Become Awakened to Action

Infinite Motivation: How to Become Awakened to Action” is a 6 part ecourse that you can take in the comfort of your home that is designed to get you motivated about your life while stopping the toxic habit of procrastination.

This course will assist you in getting the personal energy and drive you need to accomplish your goals!

Motivation gives you that inner drive to achieve what you want, so take the first step today and never look back!

Part 1:

How to get awakened to action- what must you do?

Part 2:

Finding something to get you up early and keep you up late!

Part 3:

Stop procrastinating: how to take action!

Part 4:

Taking control of your life

Part 5:

What do you want to be in life?

Part 6:

Staying motivated – how to live the life you want!

To learn more and to purchase this course, visit!

Infinite Motivation

***Shanika Washington is the owner of Infinite Fortitude LLC, a life coaching practice whose mission, through the Infinite Vision Institute, is to empower, motivate and inspire individuals to acquire the life of their dreams by assisting in the development of an action plan, while providing the necessary support to help them evolve into the person they were created to become. Ms. Washington, a Certified Professional Coach, is also the creator of the Infinite Inspiration e-course series which provides hands-on training on a variety of topics aimed to assist its students in achieving at a higher level, personally and professionally. Additional information can be found at


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