Infinite Confidence: Acquiring the Posture that Solidifies Success!

“Infinite Confidence: Acquiring the Posture that Solidifies Success” is a 6 part ecourse that I have created that you can take in the comfort of your home, designed to get you that self-confidence that you so desperately want.

Each of the 6 modules includes a number of exercises and assignments that will teach you all you need to know in order to build your confidence.

“Infinite Confidence” will enable you to break through those barriers and limited belief systems that you have about yourself, so that you can move forward with the life you were created to live.

Without confidence you will not be able to lead the life that you want. Confident people are successful people, and as such they stand out whereever they go.

Many people in life have the same amount of skills but what holds them back is their lack of belief in self.

The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is confidence!


Part 1:

A. How confident are you?

B. Infinite Confidence assessment – take it to find out where your confidence levels are currently.


Part 2:

Believing in yourself – What do you need to believe in yourself?


Part 3:

How to overcome your negative thoughts.
Part 4:

How to overcome negative comments from others.
Part 5:

How to feel confident…consistently.
Part 6:

Your confidence plan – How to lead an Infinitely Confident life!


To learn more and to purchase this course, visit!


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***Shanika Washington is the owner of Infinite Fortitude LLC, a life coaching practice whose mission, through the Infinite Vision Institute, is to empower, motivate and inspire individuals to acquire the life of their dreams by assisting in the development of an action plan, while providing the necessary support to help them evolve into the person they were created to become. Ms. Washington, a Certified Professional Coach, is also the creator of the Infinite Inspiration e-course series which provides hands-on training on a variety of topics aimed to assist its students in achieving at a higher level, personally and professionally. Additional information can be found at


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