Juicing for Beginners-Part I

I was first introduced to juicing about 4 years ago and have grown to prefer drinking my veggies and fruits over eating them, mainly because they surprising taste better as juice, but also because I am able to fully absorb more nutrients. Before I ever made my first juice, I read “21 Pounds in 21 Days” by Dr. Roni DeLuz. This book did a phenomenal job of explaining illness, how our bodies work, and how to restore our bodies back to an alkaline state. It also went into detail about her 21 day juice detox and came equipped recipes as well. Single handedly, this book is responsible for opening my eyes to the world of self-healing via honoring our temple with foods provided by nature, and I highly recommend that anyone interested in taking a proactive stance in their health make time to read this publication.

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I first became interested in alternative health during the process of my daddy being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. When the doctors were reluctant to answer my question as to why/how a mass—as they refused to even use the word cancer at first—could grow inside a person’s body for years and that individual be totally unaware; I started conducting my own research and essentially learned that it’s because we consume “food” that our bodies weren’t created to digest. When our body is unable to properly break down what we consume, then the matter remains and sits inside of us, quite often turning cancerous, among other things.

I am often reluctant to have conversations with individuals about this because we are so programmed to believe that we can (A) take a magic pill to alleviate any health issue we have and (B) we can just pray about it and hope for the best. Both of these options exclude the acceptance of responsibility for the things we eat. We don’t want to believe we don’t have to get sick, because in the presence of this belief lies the responsibility of ceasing to eat what we’ve always eaten. No one wants to hear it’s their fault they got sick—that the years of eating all of the sweets, fast foods and processed foods have come to back to haunt us. Yes, the entity designed to regulate our food, and interestingly, also our drugs-the FDA holds some responsibility in ensuring that the “food” provided to us is safe, however when we learn that the bottom line of business is money and not health; we can’t continue to blindly push the blame.

Ok, this post was supposed to be about juicing because I’ve been asked by several people to give them some tips on how to get started, but in my quest to give some back ground information; I’ve gotten off on a tangent. Nevertheless, I hope the preceding information has helped someone or at the very least sparked enough curiosity that it propels you to conduct some research of your own to better understand the connection between what we consume and the alarming numbers of people who are getting sick these days.  If you are a patron of the “I gotta die of something” tribe, I beg you to change your membership, as I watched my daddy die a death so painful that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

God didn’t create us to suffer. In life or in death. Love yourself enough to become informed and make the necessary changes. My eating is far from perfect and every day is struggle because deprogramming is a difficult process, however little changes here and there is better than slowly dying in ignorance.

I will write a part 2 containing some tips to get you starting with juicing.







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