you…her, she, me…you

you remember what happened to me before.

i got her and we became close.

we were together, inseparable, day in, and day out.

she was my joy and i was her everything.

hearing that simple word made my heart melt every time she said it.

my every action was in consideration of her.

and then she came and took her away.

i never felt pain like that before.

or since.

so i’ve decided i wont get close to you.

i don’t ever want to feel that way again.

but you are so beautiful.

you remind me of a time when love was pure.

you are reminiscent of the joy that once was.

i can’t enter into a place without coming to see about you first.

i want to talk to you every chance i get.

but my words are tasting too bitter right now.

seems like my premonition is coming true.

i knew i was right not to want you.

but i want to want you.

actually, i want you.

but i can’t be with you because of me.

and because she won’t let me.


the power of words: you can’t be with her, because she is me and you are you.



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