Hello World!

On July 10, 2012 at 2:10 pm God blessed me with a 5lb 11oz angel. Words can’t really express the amount of emotions I have felt over this last week, however I did want to take some time to write a quick blurb to say THANK YOU GOD! Nola Rose is such a sweet little baby (and I’m going to enjoy this sweet phase for as long as it lasts ;)) and it has been a joy watching her personality develop over this short span of time. She already has my facial expressions (uh oh) and a big, bright, beautiful smile that lights up the room!

As soon as I am able to sift through my thoughts, emotions, and feelings; I will attempt to capture them in written format. The biggest feeling I have right now is one of humility from God choosing ME of all people to be her mom. I’m asking for prayers as I am certain this journey is one that will require an abundance of covering to ensure I bring out in her what God will have her to be in her life.

In closing, Miss Nola Rose told me to tell you, “Hello world, I am here to take you over!”



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