To My Unborn Child

Written 02-22-12

You aren’t here yet and sometimes I still can’t believe I’m going to be a mother. Your mother. There are times I wonder if I am ready. I also wonder if I will be a good mother to you. The last thing I ever want to do is fail you.

I receive and accept that God is bringing you into my life for a reason and I believe wholeheartedly He will give me what I need to bring out His purpose in you. Therefore, I wanted to let you know that I promise to always give the BEST of me to you.

I promise to strive to be the type of mother who can recognize that while you are my child, you ultimately belong to God and I must always submit to His will for your life, even if it differs from what I want for you.

I pray that you grow up to be a healthy, happy and caring person who knows God personally and intimately, realizing your life isn’t about you and remembering that you are a child who is unconditionally loved by your mother, but most importantly God.

You are NOT a mistake and you WILL do great things.

All my love,



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